Saturday, June 4, 2011

Popular Poem: Georgia Dusk

ames Mercer Langston Hughes narrated a poem entitling Georgia Dusk. The poem is about sorrow. This is obviously shown from the words chosen by Hughes. He used words that mostly express sad and sorrowful. The message of this poem is not clearly described. However, it seems that Hughes tries to convince us that we should be aware of our surroundings. The poem is suitable for Junior High School students. Some words may be too difficult for them, so it depends on the teacher to guide them comprehending the poem.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rhyme Verse Form Poem: Hope is the Thing with Feathers

ope is the Thing with Feathers is Rhyme Verse Form Poem.  It is a form of poem that utilizes both rhyme and rhythm as their poetic devices. In this poem, Dickinson, the writer, has arranged the poem in such a way that it is worth reading. The analysis of the poem will be directed to its structure as well as its content. In terms of the structure the poem will be analyzed on how the poetic devices and poetic diction employed, whereas through the analysis of the content the meaning or message implied by Dickinson will be revealed.
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